Why am I so lonely .??

Why am I always disappointed .??

Why all my friends don’t want to talk to u and share their secrets with u.??

Why do I share all my secrets with all others .???

Just bcz u r so loving towards others that u think that all of the people r ur best friends and will always stand with u

Without knowing that the world is so that cruel

And no one exactly care about u and they want unjust for purpose

As soon as u r for no purpose for them they just throw u out of their life and u r seeing them if they r the one who promised me to stand with me till the end

Is this what our parents taught us to do do with others

Is this what I m doing with others .??

No self respect

So I m so happy to be lonely , I will have not to go after friends if they r upset

I m always disappointed only then when I knew that my best friend is also like others . They want me to be bitches like them but I can’t

And about the secrets is that I m just so annoying that no one make me their best friend and always back bites me that I never knew something

All my friends I know all of what u think about me

The last thing is that I m happy how I m

I don’t want to live how u want me to live

Friends r those if one cannot be like u

Be like them

Give them u r heart and when u

Heard from others that they just threw ur

Heart away

I feel like a lonely bird flying in a sky

Alone away from the flock of birds

Sitting alone like that crow